This exam has been our proposal as a retaking examination in May. If you have a doubt about the keys for the exam, please send us an email and we'll provide them to you. Good luck!
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(Este exámen ha sido puesto en Mayo como exámen para recuperar; os puede servir para practicar SELECTIVIDAD, o para los que debéis recuperar en septiembre. Podéis adquirir más exámenes y una guía apra hacer el exámen de Selectividad adquiriendo nuestro libro : English in SELECTIVIDAD )

English Exam 2 Bachillerato

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  1. Keys for the exam:
    1. Comprehension:
    A . She wrote novels, many short stories and screenplays.
    B. she used music and writing as a way of expression when she was young.
    C. FALSE. “archie asked for divorce”
    D. FALSE. “ 66 novels”
    2. Use of English:
    1. A bit
    2. Famous, popular and well-known.
    3. SPINSTER. (solterona)
    4. Excitement, excitation.
    5. when she was 24, she married Archie Christie.
    6. Chritie, whose work has been translated into more than a hundred languages, wrote 66 novels.
    7. Games were invented to keep herself occupied at a very young age.
    8. The students suggested reading murder on the orient express by Agatha Christie.
    3. GRAMMAR & Vocabulary:
    1. Reported speech:
    - Mrs. Smith asked the children what they were watching on her TV then.
    - The owner of the house said that that thief had stolen his computer and his watch the day before after closing his shop.
    2. Passive Voice:
    a) It is expected that an indoor swimming-pool in the town will be opened by the new major.
    b) They / Someone gave a single injection of the growth gene to a mouse.
    3. Rewrite:
    -Their parents must have been very strict.
    3. phrasal verbs.
    1. turn out.
    2. bring down.
    3. put up with.
    4. came down on.
    5. see you out.
    4. Vocabulary:
    (have a look to your notes, you’ll revise vocabulary)