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Beyonce's new hit, "If I were a Boy" is not just a great tune (song) to listen to on your way to work. It is a super example of how to use the second conditional.

Can you find all the examples of 2nd Conditional in the song?

Phrasal Verbs


1)Throw on

2)Chase after

3)Stick up

4)Turn off

5)Kick it isn't a phrasal verb, but what does it mean?

Here are the answers. Try to match the phrasal verb with the correct definition. Look at the phrasal verbs in the context of the song to see if you can understand their meanings.

A) To stop something operating by disengaging a switch (desenchufar)
B) To relax and be comfortable with others.
C) Is a quicker version of "put on". For example...putting on clothing but more quickly or without care. (echarse por encima lo primero que pillamos en el armario)
D) To defend against attack or criticism
E) To pursue with the intent to catch

Answer: 4a, 5b ,3 d, 2e, 1c

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