Using COMMAS (Punctuation)

Commas can frequently be a nightmare, you can see here some of their uses:

1. Use a comma after phrases of more than three words that begin a sentence.
Correct Example: To get a gold medal, you must dedicate yourself to a training routine.

2. Use a comma after the date and year if they are used together. If its only the month and year, no comma is needed.
Correct Example: I was born on January 1, 1973, the same day the new year begins.

3. No comma is needed to separate nouns or noun clauses in a compound subject.

Incorrect Example (no comma needed): The music teacher from your high school, and the football coach from mine are married.

More tips:

The Pause: Just because you are pausing in your thoughts while typing doesn't mean that the reader is pausing in their reading!

Combining Sentences: Do not use a comma to simply join 2 complete sentences. Use a conjunction (remember Conjunction Junction?)

Incorrect Example: The Chicago Cubs are going to lose tomorrow, they really have bad pitching.

Correct Example: The Chicago Cubs are going to lose tomorrow because they really have bad pitching.
(from tips on using commas, dumb little man)

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