Learning English with Movies: SHRECK 2

Wach this clip and pay attention.

SHREK - Princess Fiona "Family Blessing"

Now answer the following questions:

1. The princess thinks that her parents:
will hate Shrek
will love Shrek
will not meet with Shrek

2. Shrek thinks:
they will not accept him
they will accept him with open arms
he won't meet her parents

3. The princess asks Shrek to:
give her parents a present
give her parents a chance
sharpen their pitchforks

4. What does the princess want from her parents?:
Their blessing
Their money
Their admiration

5. When did Shrek agree to become part of the princess' family?:
When they got engaged
When her parents got married
When he married her

Answers: b,a,b,a,c

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