Diferencias entre Watch,See and Look

Differences between SEE, WATCH and LOOK

1. See: stative use, the action is involuntary .

"to see" --> ver (percibir algo por el sentido de la vista)
I see very well without glasses

2. Watch: when it is an action that continues over a period of time and we do it deliberately .You can watch or look at a moving object. Watch is always related to Movement.

"to watch" --> observar/vigilar (poner nuestra atención visual en algo durante un tiempo para tomar nota de su evolución o cambio según pasa dicho tiempo
Do you have to watch me eating my supper?

3. Look deliberately and with attention . You can look at a stationary object but you can't watch it."to look" --> mirar (dirigir voluntariamente nuestra atención).
Look at this card that John's just sent.

*When talking about films, plays, television etc. watch and see are almost interchangeable...
*usos idiomático "watch" se usa con la tele y "see" con el cine.

I’m going to watch a film tonight.
I’m going to see a film tonight.

Did you watch that film last night?
Did you see that film last night?

I watched it on television.
I saw it on television.

I'm going to watch television.
XI'm going to see television.

I’ve never seen that play, have you?
XI’ve never watched that play, have you? (Actually, you could say this but it's less usual than seen).

Sometimes the differences are quite subtle...

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