We are reading in my 1st course of Bachillerato (16-17 years), the book: Two Shakespearean Tragedies.

The book contains two of the most famous Shakespeare's tragedies. On the one hand, Macbeth's desire for political power leads him to self-destruction and murder; On the other, Othello's success on Battle is opposite to his insane jealousy which finally kill his love. These tragedies are a good example of how men and their passions can destroy them.

Here you are some compilation of my work to ease the understanding of the two tragedies; you can download, print and study in case you had any doubt , PLEASE leave a comment.



For further Reading or investigation about this topic you can check this links:
We'll watch the original movie in class but for all of you who cannot wait, I show you this wonderful scene from Kenneth Branagh's film

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