Colloquial English (SLANG)


“I was just average. I wasn’t a nerd, but I wasn’t the It guy at school.”

-High School Musical star Zac Efron, talking about his real-life high school experience. (Us Weekly)

DEFINITION: most popular or trendy guy / girl

EXPLANATION : (Learn how the slang is used)

An It guy or It girl is someone who has a certain special quality that makes him or her extremely attractive and fascinating, especially to members of the opposite sex.
But that special quality is difficult to define or explain. You can’t really describe it…It’s just…It.
A true It guys and It girls are more than just beautiful, sexy, and fun to be around. It’s almost like they have a secret power that draws people to them. They don’t even care about being popular or cool. That special “It” quality isn’t something they try to have. Whatever It is, they must just be born with it.

Zac Efron may not have been an It guy in high school, but he is an It guy now. Young girls are crazy about him and with the success of 17 Again, he is to be one of Hollywood’s hottest young actors.
But in Hollywood, new It guys and It girls come along all the time. It might not be long before someone becomes even more It than Efron.

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