Unit 1: Transport

John and Fiona have just arrived in London at Heathrow Airport. John is going to a hotel in King's Cross and Fiona's going to stay with her uncle in Camden. They need to work out how to get into the centre of town and decide on what type of transport to use. This unit will help you with the following;Buying a London Underground train ticket. Finding your way around the London Underground system. Comparing things.

Listening 1: Choosing transport from Heathrow into town

After they collect their luggage, John and Fiona think about the best way to get into the centre of London. They know a taxi will be too expensive, but they can't agree on the best form of transport.

Listen to the conversation

Activity 1: Complete the conversation
You can use these sentences:

*We could get stuck in a traffic jam on the coach.
*So let's take the Tube now, it is more convenient.
*Well, we could take the Tube.
*The Heathrow Express is quicker, but it's expensive

Fiona: How shall we get to the centre?
Fiona: I suppose we could, but how about taking the ' Airbus? coach?
Fiona: Yes, it is the rush hour. So , what about the Heathrow Express?
Fiona: And we'll have to change onto the Tube later anyway.

Language tips - vocabulary
the Tube - the popular name for the underground train system (Metro System)

the Underground - another name for the Tube
A coach - comfortable bus usually used on longer journeys
Get stuck in a traffic jam - you can't go anywhere because there are too many cars
convenient - easy to use
rush hour - the busy time in the morning and afternoon when everyone travels to and from work.

Source: BBC.

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