Second Conditional explanation and exercises

The second conditional (also called conditional type 2) is a structure used for talking about unreal situations in the present or in the future.

The structure of a second conditional sentence
Like a first conditional, a second conditional sentence consists of two clauses, an "if" clause and a main clause:

If I had a million dollars,
I would buy a big house

If the "if" clause comes first, a comma is usually used. If the "if" clause comes second, there is no need for a comma:

I would buy a big house if I had a million dollars.

In the case of the verb BE. Whatever the subject, the verb form is "were", not "was": If I were rich, I'd buy a big house.


2 comentarios:

  1. what's the difference between: "what would it happen if...? OR "what would happen if...?

  2. I think "what would it happen if...?" is incorrect as that sentence has already have a subject which is the interrogative particle "what"... in other words, it's a subject question type.
    Therefore, the correct way of asking would be:
    "what would happen if...?"

    Hope this helps :)
    happy learning!