PDA, Public Love?

Public Displays of Affection,

When people are in love, they want to kiss and hold each other tight. But where’s the best place to do that?

Public displays of affection, or PDAs, can be cute, like when you see a young couple holding hands in the park. But they can also be gross, like a drunk couple totally making out on the street.Some people think public displays of affection are a harmless and fun way to express love. Others think love is better expressed in private.
It turns out that in Jason and Devan’s new relationship, there is one of each kind of person. Watchthe video to see which is which.

Punto gramatical - Learn grammar from this lesson.
Past Perfect Progressive

Jason thanks Devan for seeing Slumdog Millionaire with him and says, “I’d been wanting to see it.” He uses the past perfect progressive tense to talk about a something that had been happening in the past before something else happened in the past. In the past, Jason saw the movie. But before that, he had been wanting to see it.

We form the past perfect progressive with had been + main verb + ing. No matter what the subject of a sentence is, we always form this tense the same way. For example, we can say I had been eating, he had been eating, you had been eating, we had been eating, or they had been eating.

make out v.
kiss and hold another person in a romantic way
Well, we didn't really date. We made out once, but that's it.
gross expr.
disgusting, sickening, unpleasant
"This sandwich is _*gross*_! I think they put mayonnaise on it. I hate mayonnaise!"
mushy adj.
overly affectionate
Example: I don't want to watch that mushy stuff.

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