American Culture Class

Barack Obama's Quiz

Question 1
Where was Barack Obama born?

A: Kenya
B: Hawaii
C: Australia

Question 2
In which country was Barack Obama's dad born?

A: America
B: Kenya
C: England

Question 3
What are the names of Barack Obama's daughters?

A: Malia and Sasha
B: Malia and Michelle
C: Michelle and Sasha

Question 4
In which state was Barack Obama elected a senator?

A: Ohio
B: Kentucky
C: Illinois

Question 5
Who did Barack Obama beat to be chosen as the candidate the Democratic party picked to run for president?

A: Hillary Clinton
B: Joseph Lieberman
C: Mitt Romney

You have to surf the net to find your answers!!

I recommend you: http://news.bbc.co.uk/

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  1. Hi! What a great post, especially now with such world interest for your President. You are right on topic!

  2. thanks, I agree with you is a topic I have used in my English class for Bachillerato(17-18 years old). Students were really interested...