Question Tags ( oral practice)

Getting to know you

Question Tags

(This Speaking and writing activity is used to promote the use of question tags in class. I have observed that there aren't many speaking activities to practice the question tags, so I have made this one to help you. The ativity has been used in 4 ESO level (15 yrs old students), it was very funny and practical, I hope you like it)

Choose a person from your class.

Complete the sentences with information that you think is true,

e.g. ‘Your name is Juan…’

Now complete the second part of the sentence with a question tag,

e.g. ‘Your name is Juan, isn’t it?’

1. Your name is __________, __________ ?

2. You are from __________, __________ ?

3. You have been in this class for __________, __________ ?

4. You have __________ brothers and sisters, __________?

5. You think English is __________, __________ ?

6. You are interested in __________, __________ ?

7. Outside the class, you __________, __________ ?

8. In the future, you plan to __________, __________ ?

9. You spent your last holidays in __________, __________ ?

10. This evening, you are going to __________, __________ ?

Now ask the questions and see if your ideas are right.

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