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Learning with this song:

*Womanizer: A man who flirts with many girls.(spanish)Mujeriego o Donjuan.

*Chicks: slang for Girls. Chicas (spanish)

*Fakin' like a good one: try to show that you're a good person, but you're the opposite.

*Charming: this adjective is used to show that a person is irresistible for people in general.

*Companion: your mate, lover...someone who is with you.

*If we both lived in a different world it would be all good, and maybe I could be ya girl: this is an example of 2nd type conditional. (Ejemplo de 2 tipo de condicional). It's used to express an irreal action, something that will not happen in the future.
*Ya: your.

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  1. When I was a student, music lyrics helped me to learn English.

    So,I enjoy reading this post.

  2. that's why I include as much as possible lyrics in my posts. Thanks for your comments.