Idioms of Emotion and Mood

Match the sentences containing English idioms of mood/emotion (in bold) with the adjectives above:

1.- When I received the concert tickets for Muse I was on cloud nine!

2.- When my sister opened her birthday card and a cheque fell out she was tickled pink.

3.- When my brother returned home from the pub late last night I could see that he was pie-eyed.

4.- When I was waiting to go on stage to perform in front of the whole school I had butterflies in my stomach.

5.- When I finished my twelve hour shift at the supermarket I was completely zonked out.

6.- When Alan Forrester looked me in the eye at registration this morning I went weak at the knees.

7.- When my brother kept playing the same Rihanna song over and over again at full volume I told him, "You're driving me up the wall!"

8.- When I went on the Big One rollercoaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach my heart was in my mouth.

9.- When my brother wouldn't stop going on about problems with his love life I told him not to be such a moaning Minnie.

10.- When my dad came home from work and just slumped in his armchair without saying a word, I asked him, "Why the long face?"


1. overjoyed

2. pleased

3. drunk

4. nervous

5. exhausted

6. in love

7. annoying

8. terrified

9. complaining

10. sad

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