HEROES season 3

Learn with tv serie Heroes:


We will use this well-known TV serie to atract our students' attention.

Our students will deal with different types of English accents.


The protagonists belong to different countries , so we foment the respect towards other cultures.


The techer will show different extracts or chapters from the serie, in order to make students familiar with the topic. Once we have commneted this in class and checked the vocabulary and new expressions we will carry out some activities about the serie Heroes.

For example:
From the episode 'Don't look back'

NATHAN: Whoa, whoa. Easy, buddy.
PETER: Where am I?
NATHAN: You're in a hospital.
PETER: What happened?
NATHAN: You don't remember?
NATHAN: You jumped, Pete.
PETER: Jumped?
NATHAN: Yes, off the roof of a 15-story building. You tried to kill yourself. You were a little wound up yesterday. But I thought you were just being you.
PETER: What are you talking about? I didn't... I didn't try to kill myself... You were in the alley below. I jumped, and then... you flew.
NATHAN: I what?
PETER: You flew up and you caught me.
NATHAN: You jumped, Peter. 25 feet to a fire escape. I climbed up and carried you down. That's what happened. The rest is just crazy talk. Do you understand?
whoa Interjección que se usa para pedirle a alguien que se calme o para mostrar que se está sorprendido ante algo. Equivale al español 'oye!' o directamente, 'espera!'.
buddy En inglés americano significa amigo, compinche. Easy, buddy es una expresión escuchada con frecuencia en películas y series de TV, y significa 'Con calma, amigo'.
roof techo, tejado. El techo de una casa pero del lado de adentro, se dice ceiling.
15-story de 15 pisos
to be wound up estar loco, pasado
alley callejón
to fly volar. Las formas del pasado son flew, flown.
25 feet 25 pies. Equivale a 7m 60cm. Para aprender a convertir las medidas, ver Measures.
to climb up trepar, subir
to carry somebody down bajar a alguien
crazy talk habladurías, tonterías

SHERIFF: Girls, this isn't a criminal investigation. Nobody here is in any kind of trouble. Quite the contrary! There just happens to be a very grateful man lying in the hospital who would like to thank one of you for saving his life yesterday.
FIREMAN: I've never seen anyone so reluctant to be called a hero.
PRINCIPAL: You're sure it was one of our cheerleaders?
FIREMAN: The uniform said Union Wells High. I'd have to say it was her on the end.
PRINCIPAL: That's Claire Bennett.
SHERIFF: Claire, where did you go yesterday after cheerleading practice?
CLAIRE: I, er...
JACKIE: It wasn't her. It was me. I was taking a shortcut home from school, and I saw the wreckage of the train and I just had to help.
PRINCIPAL: Why didn't you say something?
JACKIE: I guess I didn't want all the attention, you know? That's not why I did it.
FIREMAN: Well, on behalf of the Odessa Fire Department, I'd like to congratulate you as an honorary firefighter.
to be in trouble estar en problemas
quite the contrary todo lo contrario
grateful agradecido
to lie yacer, encontrarse, estar acostado. No debe confundirse con lay. Para aprender más, ver Lay or lie?
reluctant reacio
cheerleader animador(a), porrista
shortcut atajo
wreckage restos, ruinas
on behalf of en nombre de
to congratulate felicitar
firefighter bombero


1. The students will group in four and develop the sypnopsis of a chapter for the next season 3, as if they were the writers of the serie. We will improve their writing and Reading skill and their imagination, something really important. When they finish this activity, they will feel more confiedent with the English language.

2. The different chapters will be read aloud and the best ones will be performed before the classroom in the next sessions, this way we'll promote thr Speaking and Listening skills.

3. Comprehension questions about the chapters seen in the classroom.

4. Webquest about the serie and its protagonists in the Internet. Just to develop their digital competence.

Season 3 in You Tube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NafBdBLMmyE&eurl=http://www.marlexsystems.org/nueva-promo-de-heroes-season-3/

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