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US: Russian violence in Georgia not acceptable

The American Vice President Dick Cheney has told the Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili that the US fully supported him. Mr Cheney's office says he told the Georgian leader that Russian aggression must not go unanswered.
Dick Cheney's telephone call appears to have been an effort to send a message not just of solidarity but also of readiness for action. His office said he told the Georgian President that Russian aggression must not go unanswered - and that its continuation would have serious consequences for Russia's relations with the United States, as well as the broader international community. Mr Cheney also praised president Saakashvili for his government's restraint.
Asked to explain what was meant by the phrase 'must not go unanswered', White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said, 'It means it must not stand'. White House officials refused to speculate on what America might do if the Russian military action continued.

President Bush, in an interview on American television broadcast live from the Beijing Olympic Games, said he had expressed his grave concern at the disproportionate response of Russia.

New Vocabulary from the text:

seems, looks like

an effort to send a message
an attempt to express/communicate an important idea

agreement and support

readiness for action
here, being prepared/ready to help Georgia (e.g. by sending troops)

results (usually negative)

holding back, controlling its own actions

it must not stand
it should not/cannot be accepted

refused to speculate on
said they would not come to any conclusions or pass any judgements yet (because they do not have enough firm facts)

expressed his grave concern
said he was seriously worried about

disproportionate response
here, too strong a reaction

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