Test to check students' knowledge about festivities

What do you know about British and American Celebrations?

Choose the correct answer:
1. Halloween is celebrated on 31 October in:
 Great Britain only.
The United States and Great Britain
 The United States only.
2. On Halloween evening children and teenagers put on their costumes and masks and
 Go ‘ trick-or-treating’
 Dance in the streets
 Write on doors with soap
3. Christmas comes from
 Celtic tradition.
 Two pagan festivities.
 Germany.
4. The modern image of Santa Claus was created by
 An American cartoonist.
 Dutch settlers
 A shop owner in Albany, new York.
5. Sweethearts celebrate Valentine’s day with…
 Presents and cards.
 A Shakespeare’s play
 An anonymous letter ‘ from a secret admirer’
6. St. Patrick is the patron of
 United States of America
 Ireland
 Christianity
7. Easter is celebrated…
 After the moon in March
 On the first Sunday in April
 Between 22 March and 25 April

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