Holidays... Readings.

The Clan of the Cave Bear By J.M.Auel. There are six books about the prehistoric life, at first sight it could seem very boring, but the reading is exiting and the descriptions of that era amazing. I recommend you theis title the fist one. Ther is also a movie based on the book, but on the opposite,it is quite bad. Mark:*****
Labyrinth by Kate Mosse. This well-known book is very atracting, it combines, science, adventures, love , it's like Indiana Jones' first adventures. Mark:****
The Fourteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. This succesful bestseller tries to trap you several times, but in the end is not as good as I expected. It has too many flasbacks which make the story a puzzle. Mark: ***
Teacher MAn by Frank MacCourt Fantastic book about the life of an irish teacher of English in New York. This autobiographical book is written by the author of Angela's ashes, who won the Pulizer Prize for that book. The book is entertaing, funny, realistic, sarcastic... it's delicious. I hardly recommend you this book if you are English Secondary teachers because it reflects our reality. Mark :*****

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