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Words in the news: China's New Anti-pollution Measures:

Chinese officials say they may take more action to reduce air pollution ahead of the Olympic
Games. On some days thick smog is severely reducing visibility. From Beijing, our
correspondent Daniel Griffiths reports:
Beijing has brought in a whole range of measures to reduce the city's notorious air
pollution ahead of the Olympics. They include removing more than one million cars from
the roads of the capital, shutting down polluting factories and closing dusty construction
But so far, those policies don't appear to be working. For the fourth day in a row, there is a
thick layer of grey smog hanging over Beijing.
Now some officials are suggesting they might take more drastic action to improve air quality,
including banning 90 per cent of all private cars from the streets of Beijing.
So far those plans haven't been implemented but with less than two weeks to the Olympics,
Beijing hasn't got much time to get rid of the smog.
Daniel Griffiths, BBC News, Beijing

Vocabulary and definitions

brought in a whole range of measures:
introduced a large number of different methods (for dealing with the pollution)
notorious air pollution:

famous for something bad; here, for the damage caused to air by harmful substances and/or waste
removing :

taking away, banning the use of dusty construction sites areas where a building is being made or repaired, which are full of very small pieces of dry dirt, earth, sand and
other substances
appear :

here, seem
For the fourth day in a row:

for four consecutive days, for four days one after the other
a thick layer of grey smog:

when an area, especially a big city, is covered by heavily polluted air that contains a mixture of smoke, gases and chemicals
drastic action:

significant, radical measures

realised in practice, introduced
to get rid of :

to make itself free of an unpleasant or harmful thing

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