Today was a hard day...

Today has been one of the most exciting days in my life because we got the results from our competitive examinations. But we'll have to wait till Friday to know if we've got one of the jobs as English teachers for our community. I'm crossing my fingers!!. This part was good for me, but we have to wait... I expect that ALL my students are praying for me, especially those who have a wonderful and easy examination on the 2nd of September in Seville. (GOOD LUCK for all of us).

3 comentarios:

  1. Of course you've got it!! Same as Marisa, and I suppose I will get it as well.

    Most interesting and exciting day, I agree.

    Good luck! (although all the hard work is done now)m

  2. rafa..thanks for your post! and support of course!
    You will get it...because of your hard work!!!crack!


  3. THANKS to both of you, your great!!
    Polarscoob I talked to you seriously, I don't have nails...
    You're excellent teachers, we're in touch!