Passport to Stories Around the World

Brief Description

Students read six tales -- one from each of six continents -- and fill out a passport as they read. Student work sheet provided.


Students will
use the Passport to Stories Around the World student work sheet (provided) to create their own passports.
pose for a picture (with book in hand) to be glued into their passports.
read a story from each of six continents -- Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America.
compile the required information for each page of their passports.
have their passport pages stamped by the teacher.

literature, story, stories, passport, tale, myth
Materials Needed

copies of Passport to Stories Around the World student work sheet (provided)
white paper
variety of literature from libraries or online sources (list of online resources provided)
date stamp (optional)
Lesson Plan

In this lesson, students read myths, folktales, fairy tales, and tall tales from around the world and complete a passport recording the continents they "visited."

Provide each student with a copy of the Passport to Stories Around the World student work sheet, and ask students to cut the work sheet in half along the dotted line. The left half will become the cover of the student's passport. The right half (with the student's identifying information and photograph) will be the first page of the passport. Have students staple additional pages to the passport; each subsequent spread of blank pages provides space for students to record information about the stories they read, including:

the title of the story/tale.
the story's continent of origin.
the story's country of origin.
a list of main characters in the story.
a summary of the story.
a world locator map with a star to indicate the location of the story.
other appropriate information.

As students fill out the passport pages, stamp the page with the date the student "visited" each country.

Extension activity:
Invite students to copy the information in their passports onto 3- by 5-inch cards. Arrange the cards around a world map on a classroom bulletin board. Use yarn to connect each card to the story's country of origin.


Geography and Literature

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