What's your favourite book?

The results of the poll are the following:

1st. TWILIGHT.___42%

2nd. The Pillars of the Earth___28%

3rd. Laberynth, Romeo and Juliet, Codigo da vinci, Eragon___7%

I'll consider this poll to make some materials and activities with these books in the future. Thank you very much to those who voted, you're really kind, and you help me to improve my job.

2 comentarios:

  1. Twilight! And...Where is Harry Potter? Harry Potter is very very funny! :D

  2. Clara, "Harry Potter..." is just for having fun for a while, but Ken Follett's book is great and its information about the Middle Ages and the process of building a cathedral makes the story really interesting. Being both of them fiction, I've got no doubt, KEN FOLLETT.