We have compiled a list of conversation topics to make your students speak. They are presented in questions, just to motivate your students or to make them react. Be sure to use topics according to the age and knowledge of your students.

Topic: Clothes

Do you like buying new clothes? Where do you go?
What kind of clothes do you prefer?
What kind of clothes do you wear to play sports / to go out with friends / to go to school?
Do you wear a hat, a cap, sunglasses, jewelry? When?
Are clothes expensive in your city?
What is your favourite colour? Why?
Do you dress differently according to your mood?
Should men wear earrings?
Would you buy secondhand clothes? Why?
Are high-heels shoes good or bad for the health?
Is fashion important?
You can obtain topic vocabulary here.

Topic: Music

What kind of music do you like?
Do you have many CDs / MP3s? Which one is your favourite? How often do you listen to them?
Do you like classical music? Why?
Do you prefer to listen to the radio?
Can you dance? Where do you go? With whom? How often?

Who is your favourite band/singer?
Do you like musicals?
Have you ever been to a concert? Where? When?
What kind of music is popular in your country?
Do you think that MP3s are good or bad for the music industry? Should them be banned?
What was the last CD you bought? When?
Can music help to calm down a stressed person? How?
What do you think of karaoke?
Do you play any instrument?

Topic: Travel

Do you like travelling?
Why do people travel?
Where have you been? Have you ever been abroad?
What was your best trip?
Do you travel with your family, with friends or alone?
Do you prefer to travel by bus, plane, train or car?
Have you ever got lost? Why?
Do you like to go camping?
Where would you like to go next?
What do you do for the holidays?
Where did you go last year?
Do you prefer a budget hotel or a first-class hotel? Why?
Is travelling expensive in your country?
If you had $100,000 where would you go for your holidays?
You can obtain topic vocabulary here.

Topic: Sports

What is your favourite sport? How often do you play? With whom? Where?
Do you prefer watching sports on TV?
Have you ever played golf / rugby / baseball?
What sport is popular in your country?
Are you interested in sports from other countries? Which ones?
Can you swim?
What is the most dangerous sport?
Do you go to a gym club? How often?
Would you like to learn a new sport? Which one?
What is your favourite team? Are you a real fan? Do you often go to the stadium?
Do you play sports at school?
Can women play boxing / soccer / football?

Topic: Television

What kind of TV shows you like/don't like?
How long do you spend watching TV? Do you think it's too much?
When do you watch TV?
Is TV educational or not?
If you were the station manager, what show would you add/remove?
Do you like/watch commercials?
Do you use the remote too much?
Do you think that TV makes people lazy?
Do you like reality shows? Why?
Can you learn something watching TV?

Topic: Cinema

What is your favourite movie/actor/actress?
What kind of movies do you prefer?
What was the last movie you saw? With whom? When? Where?
Do you prefer to watch movies at home or at the cinema? Why?
Do you often rent movies?
Would you like to be in a movie? Why?
Do you like romantic movies? Why?
Do you prefer action or comedy movies?
Do you read the subtitles?
Is it expensive to go to the cinema?

Topic: Famous people
Why is somebody famous?
What are the pros and cons of being a celebrity?
Have you ever seen a celebrity? Who? Where? When?
Are you a member of any fan club?
Who is your favourite star? Would you like to see him/her in person? What would you tell him/her?
What do you think of papparazzi?

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