“I was kind of bumming around, thinking, ‘You’ll never reach the goals you set for yourself.’”
- Robert Pattinson talking about his life before Twilight. (Us Weekly)

1. Definición / Definition
waste time by being lazy or wandering around aimlessly

2. Uso /Slang Use

A bum is a person who doesn’t work or doesn’t have a home. It isn’t very nice to call someone a bum, and it’s usually negative to say that someone is just bumming around, since it suggests that they’re being lazy and wasting time.

On the other hand, to bum around isn’t always considered a bad thing. Many backpackers are happy to bum around from one hostel to another, or travel from place to place without following a strict plan or schedule. Bum around can also mean relax or take it easy. So it might be bad if all you ever do is bum around, but if you feel like bumming around a bit after a hard day’s work, who could blame you?

Before he became a famous actor, Robert Pattinson, the star of Twilight, felt bad about himself for bumming around and not doing anything with his life. These days, he’s probably so busy that he doesn’t have any time to just bum around. Maybe he even wishes he could go back to his bumming days for just a little while.

Examples :

“Heidi’s dad is worried that she’s going to spend the rest of her life just bumming around.”

“I wish I could just bum around today but I have too much work to do.”

“After I graduated college, I didn’t want to start working right away so I bummed around Europe for a while instead.”

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  1. After a whole year working, I wish I could just bum around for this summer but bills never stop arriving so I have to carry on working the rest of the year. Nice future!

  2. me TOO, and you shouldn't buy too many things...

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