Future Simple and Future Perfect Practice (Intermediate)

This activity is perfect to distinguish between the Future Simple and Future Perfect. I hope you find it useful!!
Practice With Simple Future and Perfect Future

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  1. Hey, teacher this is María your pupil in Antonio Machado, remember? I was wondering... could you post the uses of "ain´t" I have always heard "ain´t, ain´t a word" so I would like to learn a little more... One more thing, how would you pronnounce this name "Urien"? I read it in somewhere and I want to kow its pronunciation because I think it´s welsh and a bit strange.
    Thanks a lot from Seville and regards!!^^
    P.D. This is the second time I post this comment, please answer me!

  2. ok I had no idea about the first post, i'll make a post about Ain't. Urien /iurian/ but the las "a" is not strong as in Spanish.