OUR AWARDS for 2010

My place for English celebrates its second birthday in MAy 10th in order to share it with all of you that make possible this project, we will publish in a few days the nominees for the different categories.
We have from the best blog of education to the best subscriber, etc.
If you feel part of it and you want that your blog or web be taken into consideration for the prizes please leave a comment in this post.

5 comentarios:

  1. Congratulations for your blog. It's very useful and you can find it a lot of interesting things.

  2. Many thanks for awarding me last year (2009) for the best comment of the year.
    This year I worked more learning from your great blog plus advising everyone to visit it.
    I appreciate your wonderfull work as a teacher as much as a blog designer. regards , Jos (iosu)

  3. Congratulations, boss!
    Read my blog. I have a post for you!

  4. I have got a post, my dear!

  5. this is my favourite place!! congratulation!