Reported Speech Practice


1. I explained him that I hadn't come to the lesson because I had felt sick.

2. My mother reminded me not to forget to pack my passport.

3. She denied she hadn't killed my precious little fluffy kitten.

4. He reommended I really had /ought to visit the Nritish Museum.

5. He promised me he'd marry me before the following spring .

6. He doubted if I thought he was having an affair (although he knew it sounded far-fetched)

7. I complained Mr. Bloggs his waiters were very rude.

8. She warned me not to swim (because) those were shark infested waters.

9. He ordered me to go to bed then.

10. He accused me I had stolen his jacket.

11. He enquired If there were any vacancies.

12. He pointed out that my flies were undone.

13. She mentioned that he was having a party the following weekend.

14. He forbade me not to (ever) smoke in his study.

15. He threatened taht he'd kick me so hard ... taht I'd spend ... of my life... if I didn't shut up.

16. She asked if she could kiss me.

17. She begged (for) a kiss / she begged if she could kiss me.

18. He agreed that he'd do the...

19. He permitted me to borrow his bike but just that once.

20. He admitted it was he who had shown my pictures with that girl to my girlfriend.

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