10 uncountable nouns / Nombres incontables que solemos confundir :

1. advice
2. news
4. equipment
5. luggage
6. experience
7. progress
8. traffic
9. trouble
Before uncountable nouns we often use some or any:
  • I need some advice.
  • We don’t have any news.
  • He doesn’t have much experience.
We can also use a lot of, a little, very little and much:
  • There is a lot of information.
  • They only have a little equipment.
  • They don’t have much luggage.
It is possible to make the following nouns countable by saying:
  • a piece of advice
  • two pieces of news
  • three pieces of information
  • four pieces of equipment
  • five pieces of luggage.
The nouns experience, progress, traffic, trouble and accommodation cannot be made countable in the above way.
N.B. Experience also exists as a countable noun, as in this sentence: ‘We had a lot of good experiences on our trip’.

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