Difficult topics and tips in your Speaking Test / Temas difíciles para preparar tu examen oral de Inglés

1. Describe a typical dish from your country:
You should say:

- What it looks like
- What it tastes like
- When people usually eat it
And say if you like it or
2. Describe something you often eat
You should say:
- What it looks and tastes like
- When you usually eat it
- What you usually eat it with
And say if you think it is healthy to often eat that thing, and why

3. Describe a food you really like:
You should say:
- Why you like it
- If most people you know also like it
- How you prefer to eat it
And say if you have always liked this food or not

4. Talk about a job you have done or would like to do in the future
You should say:
-Why you chose that job
- What the good things about that job are
- What the difficulties of doing that job are
And describe how it is different to other jobs

5. Talk about something to do to help the environment
You should mention:
- What you do
- How often you do it
- Why you do it
And say how that thing helps the environment

6. Describe your typical day when you are working or studying
You should say:
- What things you do
- How long you spend doing those things
- What the most difficult thing you have to do is
And say if you usually enjoy those days or not, and why

7.Talk about a hobby you have:
You should say:
- How often you do it
- Who you do it with
- What equipment is needed

8.Describe an ecological problem in your country:
You should say:
- What the problem is
- Why it happens
- How it can be solved
And say if you think it will be solved in the near future or not, and why

9.Describe a TV programme that you like
You should say:
-What kind of programme it is
- What you like about it
- How you first became interested in that programme
And say how that programme is different from other TV programmes that you like
And say why you enjoy doing that thing

10. Describe a film you saw which made an impression on you.
You should say:
What film and what type of film it is
When you saw it
What your favourite part of the film is
And explain why it made an impression on you

11.Talk about something you are reading at the moment or have read recently
You should say:
- How and why you got it
- How long you have been reading it
- If you would like to read something else by the same writer
And say what kind of person might like to read the same thing

12.Describe a famous painting or photo you have seen or know about
You should say:
- What it shows
- What is unusual about it
- Why it is famous
And say if you would like to hang this picture in your house or not, and why

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