printable BILINGUAL list of idioms (spanish-english) / lista bilingüe de idioms

Lista Idioms

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  1. Ana María Ramos Sánchez15/9/09 19:51

    Hi Rafa! After a long and hot summer, the lessons
    have started one more year.
    I have found myself with many changes this year, but the more
    surprising has been not seen you in the teacher’s list.
    Where about are you? I am sure that some dear neighbour would say: “Enjoying a long holidays”.
    I had got used to the idea that you were my teacher again and it has hurt me because I have not seen you enter through the door on the first day. I am guessing you will have been posted to another Secondary School, so, that is why I am writing this message to tell you that I really had a good time with you and I am going to miss your commitment with your students, through your chats, works, books, films, songs…
    I had liked to be your student again, but unfortunately,
    students are not took into account and we can not even choose
    the teacher who is going to teach us, because “for me is
    more gratifying the support of a great teacher to whom in time
    I will thank, before million of A+ at the end of the school year”.
    I hope we will see again some day when my English improve more.
    Good luck. Kisses.

    Pd: I have visited quite often your web site this summer, it is very complete and helps me to go a step forward in the language. Thank you.

  2. thank you so much for your post , IT MOVED ME! I had a lot of fun with you guys!you know that I like my job so much, this year I'll at IES alta axarquia , Periana. But it's not for the rest of my life, maybe I can return to Maria zambrano when you are at 2 bachillerato, I hope!
    Your words are great, and you have reached my heart, tell everybody that I miss them and PLEASE go on checking my web and ask me any doubt you have in Bachillerato. Lots of hugs and kisses! thak you for being such a nice student and be brave enough to tell what you really think!