SLANG: What's nip-and-tuck ?

“If women want to have a little nip-and-tuck, I understand. I haven’t yet, but talk to me in five years.”

Model Twiggy on giving nature a little help. (People)nip-and-tuck

*DEFINITION: plastic surgery; cosmetic surgery.

“Nip-and-tucks are common in Hollywood.”

“Mary asked her husband to get her a little nip-and-tuck for her 50th birthday.”

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a little nip-and-tuck if you can afford it.”

“Ashlee Simpson looks like she got some nip-and-tuck.”


With her big eyes and stick-like figure, Twiggy was the It-girl of the 1960s. Now she is 60 herself, which makes her ancient in Hollywood years. But she still looks pretty good. How do you think she does it?

According to Twiggy, she doesn’t stay attractive and youthful through plastic surgery. She swears she’s never had a nip-and-tuck, even though it’s common for aging models and actresses to get a little beauty help from a surgeon. But Twiggy doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with plastic surgery. In another five years, she might decide she’s ready for a little nip-and-tuck of her own.

It doesn’t matter if you get a face lift, a tummy tuck, a nose job, or an all-new you. Any type of plastic surgery can be called a nip-and-tuck. It’s also used to refer to plastic surgery in general. Sometimes nip-and-tuck gets shortened to nip/tuck. Plastic surgeons nip off and tuck in all the little things you don’t like about yourself.


Would you ever get a little nip-and-tuck?

What do you think about plastic surgery?

source: English Baby

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