Desire Sentences (Oraciones desiderativas)

How to express desire with WISH ?

Wish + Past Simple = (se traduce como :Ojalá o desearía + subjuntivo)


I wish I didn't have to get up so early. (ojalá no me tuviera que levantar tan temprano)

I wish I knew how to be successful.

I wish I had an older brother or sister.

I wish I went to bed earlier last night

I wish I were someone else.

I wish I lived somewhere else.

I wish I understood people better.

I wish I were still a child.

I wish I had more time to study English.

I wish I lived in another era.

I wish my parents didn't annoy me so much.

I wish I could change my life.

I wish I were more confident.

I wish I was never impolite.

I wish I were a parent.

I wish I had more skills.

TASK: Propose your wishes in the comments section of this post and translate some of them into your language !!

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