To BE/GET used to

Sometimes we get confused with these two similar expressions.Both expressions refer to the Present, and they're followed by Gerund (-ing).
Ambos refieren al presente y van seguidos de un gerundio.

To be used to: Estar acostumbrado hacer algo . (When we always do something in the same way)

To get used to: Acostumbrarse a hacer algo.(When we do something too many times in a especial way, that becomes normal for us)

To be used to - estar acostumbrado a

We were used to the sunny weather of the coast.
Estábamos acostumbrados al clima soleado de la costa.

Mr. Jones wasn't used to all that luxury.
El señor Jones no estaba acostumbrado a todo ese lujo.

I am not used to travelling by plane.
No estoy acostumbrado a viajar en avión.
To get used to - acostumbrarse a (si sigue verbo, es un gerundio)

People get used to new technologies.
La gente se acostumbra a las nuevas tecnologías.
Paul never got used to living in the country.
Paul nunca se acostumbró a vivir en el campo.

I was getting used to working with Michael.
Me estaba acostumbrando a trabajar con Michael.

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  1. Hi there Rafael!
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  2. thank you so much Nadia, I didn't hear anything from you for decades, it's glad to know that you're still there. Happy New Year, all the best for you