IN , AT , ON ; Are they confusing?


We use 'in' with spaces:

•in a room / in a building

•in a garden / in a park

We use 'in' with bodies of water:

•in the water

•in the sea

•in a river

We use 'in' with lines:

•in a row / in a line

•in a queue


We use 'at' with places:

•at the bus-stop

•at the door

•at the cinema

•at the end of the street

Use 'at' with places on a page:

•at the top of the page

•at the bottom of the page

We use 'at' in groups of people:

•at the back of the class

•at the front of the class


We use 'on' with surfaces:

•on the ceiling / on the wall / on the floor

•on the table

We use 'on' with small islands:

•I stayed on Maui.

We use 'on' with directions:

•on the left

•on the right

•straight on


In / at / on the corner

We say 'in the corner of a room', but 'at the corner (or 'on the corner') of a street'

In / at / on the front

•We say 'in the front / in the back' of a car

•We say 'at the front / at the back' of buildings / groups of people

•We say 'on the front / on the back' of a piece of paper

Now, try this quiz to check your understanding! CLICK HERE!
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