Wh questions are asked to receive specific information on where, what, why, and when.
There are a number of variations including short questions such as 'What for?' and 'Where to?'. This guide to Wh questions provides a look at a wide variety of Wh questions, as well as providing examples for each type of question.

The most common questions in English are often referred to as 'wh' questions. 'Wh' questions begin with 'wh' and include:




How is often included with these why questions, even though it does not begin with 'wh'. 'Wh' questions ask for specific responses as to the time, place, reason, thing or person.

Where - asks a question about place

When - asks questions about time

Why - asks questions about reasons

What - asks questions about things or objects

Who - asks questions about people

The answer to 'wh' questions often repeats the same verb as in the question form.


Where does he live?

He lives in New York.
When did they have dinner?

They had dinner at six o'clock.
Why is going to study French?

He is going to study French because he wants to go to Paris.

What does she use to clean her clothes?

She uses a washing machine.

Who do they like?

They like Mr. Smith.

How does he play tennis?

He plays tennis well.

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