We are going to read the following dialogue which includes sentences in 3rd conditional type. We will identify their structure and we can translate it into our own language.
(Este diálogo contiene ejemplos de 3er tipo de condicional)

Susan: Has it ever occurred to you that if you hadn’t been giving a class in Pepsi on the day I was visiting the marketing department, we never would have become friends?
Jack: Of course it’s occurred to me… and if we hadn’t become friends then we wouldn’t have fallen in love.
Susan: And if we hadn’t fallen in love you wouldn’t have escaped your empty life.
Jack: Hey… hold on a minute… I don’t remember that part.
Susan: That’s what you wrote on my Facebook page when we 10 started going out.
Jack: Yeah…I was probably just trying to get you in bed.
Susan: But you’d already got me in bed.
Jack: In that case I must have been trying to keep you in bed. But, anyway…yeah…none of us’ll forget that in a hurry. It was through Facebook that my ex found out I was in a new relationship. She went nuts. If I hadn’t written that message she never would have found out and she never would have gone to your office.


The students will memorize the dialogue in pairs and they'll perform it in front of the class. This is an excellent practice to eliminate the shiness in the students.


You have 10 sentences in the structure of the third conditional. Try to translate into your own language and identify their parts.

(las respuestas en castellano para la traducción están en los comentarios)

1. If you hadn’t told them the story they wouldn’t have found out.

2. We wouldn’t have been poor if you hadn’t lent money to your brother.
3. If we hadn’t brought the radio we wouldn’t have heard the news.
4. If I hadn’t received the bill I would have forgotten to pay it.
5. If we hadn’t applied for the papers we would have been thrown out of the country.
6. If he hadn’t stabilized the situation everything would have turned out bad.
7. If Euskatel had bought Vodafone we would have been in another reality.
8. If they had advised them, they would have attended.
9. If Camaron had been born in London he would have been a punk.
10. If Camaron had been punk, he would have sung ‘soy punk’ instead of ‘soy gitano’.

1 comentario:

  1. 1. Si no les hubieran contado la historia, no se habrían enterado.
    2. No habríamos sido pobres, si no hubieras prestado dinero a tu hermano.
    3. Si no hubiéramos traído la radio no habríamos escuchado las noticias.
    4. Si yo no hubiera recibido la factura, me habría olvidado de pagarla.
    5. Si no hubiéramos solicitado los papeles, nos habrían echado del país.
    6. Si él no hubiera estabilizado la situación, todo habría salido mal.
    7. Si Euskatel hubiera comprado Vodafone habríamos estado en otra realidad.
    8. Si les hubieran avisado, habrían asistido.
    9. Si Camarón hubiera nacido en Londres habría sido un punk.
    10. Si Camarón hubiera sido punk, habría cantado ‘soy punk’ en vez de ‘soy gitano’.