Today I show you my second book for the English Readers Collection:

We thought we were asleep

LEVEL: A2-B1. 4ESO, 1 Bahillerato.
AUTHOR: Rafael Alcolea Harold 
Author's webpage: www.rafaelalcolea@blogspot.com.es
Genre: Science Fiction, Young Adult.
Pages: 20
Every year the goverments around the world give us a pill to sleep for some hours. The whole planet remains asleep at the same time, but... What would happen if you realise that you are not sleeping when you are supposed to be?
 The protagonist discovers a terrible secret hidden by the rulers of our world.
Will he escape from his fate?

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Note for teachers: You are allowed to use this material in class.
Aquellos profesores que quieran usar estos materiales en clase pueden hacerlo. Solo deberán indicar la autoría del libro.

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