A list of phrasal verbs that contain  come.

A word in brackets, such as somewhere or something, means that we can use the phrasal with or without that word.

come across something

To find or discover something.
She had never come across vinegar on chips before she visited Britain.

come across as

To seem or appear to be like something.
He comes across as a nice man but he can be very unpleasant sometimes.
I’ve met the new boss and he comes across as being very nice.

come back (somewhere)

To return.
I came back home because I had forgotten my mobile phone.
Steve, come back immediately!

come down with something

To become ill.
I think I’m coming down with a cold. I feel terrible.

come out with something

To introduce something.
Apple have come out with a new design for the iPad.

come out in something

To have a medical condition on the skin, such as a rash or spots.
I’ve come out in these horrible red spots.

come round

To visit someone.
What time will you come round tonight?

come through (something)

To survive something.
She came through the operation very well.

come up

Something unexpected happens.
Something has come up. Sorry, I have to go home straight away.

come up with

To have an idea or a suggestion.
During the meeting we came up with some good suggestions.
John came up with a good idea.

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